Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spelling Test

Daily Funny:

Paige: "Hey Mom, how do you spell I cup?"

Mom: "I... c...u...p"

Paige: "Ha, Ha!"

Mom: Where did you learn that?

Kaylei: "On the bus"

Paige: "From Kaylei"

Kaylei: "Well I taught her on the bus."

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Winter Clothes

Daily Funny:

We pulled all our winter clothes out from storage, I told the girls to put their clothes away and their coats outside (in the garage on the coat hooks). Paige misunderstood and put all her winter clothes on the back porch thinking they stayed outside because they're winter clothes.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


For the past few weeks our girls have been going door to door (along with every other kid in the neighborhood) trying to collect money for their school jog-a-thon. So after Mom and Dad took their 50% cut for letting them live under our roof, they ended up with a decent chunk of change to give to the school for...... well, we're not sure for what. Anyhow the day came and it was fun to watch them run around in circles.

Sorry little buddy..... you aren't old enough!

Carson is amazing when you put a ball in front of him... at 18 months he could dribble a soccer ball across the yard. And fast! Well, this is how he felt when he found out he wouldn't be playing on an organized team this year like his sisters.


For the past six weeks our Saturdays have been busy attending 4 different soccer games, and it has been a blast. Kaylei played goalie most of the year for her team and understands that position and plays it very well. Christian coached her team and has found his new calling in life as a coach. Lexi broke out of her shell this year and now has a new alter-ego dubbed the "flyin' lion". We didn't know how fast she was! Paige holds the record in her league for "happiest player". We can't get the smile off her face. Christa played for the first time this year and we weren't sure how she would do. We were pleasantly surprised in the first game when she scored three goals. Child prodigy? To our dismay, that Christa who enjoys running and kicking, disappeared after that first game. Maybe next year. After the dreadful winter passes, they will all have another six games to finish off the year.

Layla Grace

Layla continues to cry and poop and do the things that babies do. She is sleeping through the nights which helps. Carson loves his new baby sister and is always willing to shove her binky into her mouth... or eyes.... or nose.


It's that time of year where apparently farmers in our area seem to run out of things to do, and start cutting designs in their corn fields so as to entrap and confuse young and old alike. We found our way to one such place called Cornbellys where they were having "David Archuletta days". Don't know about all that, but the kids had fun going through the maze, going down the slide, and the other various and sundry things one does at a down home harvest celebration. Thanks to the Stott's for the company and comic relief for the adults.

Christa bear on the slideThe pig-nosed chic

Carson the wonder-monkey
Cotton candy.... good for what ale's ya.

Kaylei playing dress up